I am Oscar, a Colombian who had a reservation at the Absolute Hotel in Paris between March 31 and April 4, 2020. Due to the serious situation with the Covid-19, it is really impossible to travel to France right now. I am writing to you because this hotel refuses to refund the reservation money (for € 402), they say that they are hotel policies. I really believe that this is not the time to have such flexible policies, we are all canceling our trips to Europe for a life and death issue, it is not an easy decision. This hotel lacks empathy and I think it is taking advantage of the moment to seize money that really does not belong to it. Please can you intercede for me with this hotel, and get back the money I paid in good faith before. For this reason, I attach a copy of emails with the hotel as proof.

Léo répond:

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Thanks for getting in touch. Because of the Covid-19, the hotel should have suggested that you cancel or postpone your booking. In fact, the French authorities and the EU have just decided to close the borders. It means that no one, especially foreigners, are allowed to come in France until further notice.

In this situation, every hotel has to be responsible and fair. We do understand that the hotel doesn’t want to pay your money back despite the circumstances. So our advice is to write to the mediator if you have already written to the hotel. Here is his address: Médiation Tourisme Voyage BP 83303 75823 Paris cedex 17. You can also go to the website https://www.mtv.travel/je-saisis-le-mediateur.

The mediator is a person who is in charge of issues between customers and hotels, airlines or travel agencies. He will help you with this case. All you have to do is to fill in the online form or to print it and to send it to the address. You will have to wait until 2 or 3 months for an answer.
Notice that the process is free. Unfortunately our organization cannot contact the hotel unless you pay for this service. We hope that will help. Regards.